Santa Clara City Library Monthly Book Sales

Santa Clara City Library holds a public book sale on the third Saturday of each month. High-quality books, videos and music discs are offered for sale to the public at a fraction of their cost when new. At times, it is possible to find used media items that appear to be in unused condition. There are thousands of used library offerings, in all categories, sold for reasonable prices at each ‘Santa Clara Friends of the Library’ used library books sale.

Santa Clara City Library Offers Books For Sale Each Month

The Santa Clara City Library sale opens at 9:00 a.m. to members of the group: Santa Clara Friends of the Library. Individual memberships are available for about $15.00 and family memberships are available for about $25.00. At 10:00 a.m. the public is allowed to shop for their favorite types of books and media. There are appropriate books for children of all ages, nonfiction reference materials and popular fiction stories from known authors.

Book sales help to keep the public library offerings current while generating funds that are used for a variety of Santa Clara City Library projects. Bargain hunters arrive at the monthly book sales at about 12:00 noon when it is possible to purchase a large bag to pack books into for only $5.00. The fill-a-bag book sale lasts until 2:00 p.m. and is fun for all family members to consider. Book sales are held in the City Library Cedar Room.

Santa Clara City Library
2635 Homestead Road
Santa Clara, California 95051
Contact: (408) 615-2900.

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SCU: Bronco Kidz! Club

Bronco Kidz! is a Santa Clara youth group that is sponsored by the athletic department at Santa Clara University. This fun-filled club costs $15.00 each year and offers many types of opportunities in exchange for this money. The Santa Clara University publicity for this club normally goes out to the community at the beginning of each school year; however, it is possible for parents to register their boys or girls into this sports club at any time.

Santa Clara University: Bronco Kidz!

Children who are in school classes below grade-8 and welcome to become members of the Bronco Kidz! club. After parents enroll their children into this sports program, the child will receive a t-shirt and special discount prices for all of the college-level Bronco sports events. Club members receive child-oriented newsletters in the mail and also have the opportunity to take part in Bronco Kidz! activities that are held in local locations.

Each year, during the summer, Bronco Kidz! offer a summer camp that normally costs less than $400.00. Children experience activities that promote teamwork, sportsmanship and interactions that promote skills in sports. This co-ed camp offers baseball, softball, volleyball, basketball, soccer, football, tennis, ultimate Frisbee, badminton and more. For more information about the $15.00 club membership fee that includes a t-shirt, and all other Bronco Kidz! events and activities, contact: at the college.

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SCU Winter Orchestra Concert: Movie Themes

The Santa Clara winter-season orchestra concert will be concentrating on favorite movie themes. This style of concert was very popular during the 1960s-70s when recordings of movie theme tunes were distributed on vinyl and 8-track tapes after each new movie was released. Favorite melodies can span a wide range of musical styles, including: classical, jazz, light rock and pops. Modern orchestra music is lively and appropriate for all ages.

‘The Most Memorable Movie Themes Ever!’ SCU orchestra concert will take place in the Mission Church at 7:30 p.m., on Saturday, February 25, 2012. This family-perfect winter concert event has traditionally been a favorite family activity in Santa Clara. The SCU orchestra includes many talented musicians and holds an excellent showmanship record. For more information, contact Rob Kathner: (408) 554-4428,

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SCU: The Business of Organic Chocolate

The Dandelion Chocolate Company will be guest speakers on the Santa Clara University campus on Thursday, February 16, 2012. Todd Masonis and Cameron Ring will discuss helpful information related to structuring and opening a small business enterprise that includes the production and marketing of food products. Todd and Cameron are hands-on owners of their delicious candy company and will speak of real-life business activities.

SCU Lecture: Dandelion Chocolate Company

Todd Masonis and Cameron Ring started making chocolate from scratch as a hobby. As their skills improved and their knowledge grew, so did the size of their operation. The Dandelion Chocolate Company creates candy through the use of fresh cocoa beans that are found with unique flavors in other countries, and sweetening. These types of boutique chocolate bars are each hand created and packaged in limited numbers for the public.

The ‘Business of Making Chocolate’ lecture will be held at 5:00 p.m., on the Santa Clara University campus, with the exact location to be announced. On this same evening, February 16, 2012, at 6:00 p.m., lecture attendees will be treated to samples of the boutique-style chocolates that are created by business owners Masonis and Ring. For more information about this event, contact: Erika Fench (408) 554-5173

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SCU: Poetry Slam on Love Gone Wrong

The SCU ‘Love Gone Wrong’ poetry slam is set to occur as a pre-Valentine’s Day reminder of the interesting human factors that can be found in relationships. Technically, whenever a ‘Love Gone Wrong’ relationship is in progress, the prime participants are trapped in a wild ride that spins and soars to great heights before plunging backwards towards Earth, completely out of control. Slam poetry events stem from hip-hop culture.

Poetry Slam vs. Traditional Poetry

Poetry Slam gatherings were born during the 1980s hip-hop days. In 1990, the first National Poetry Slam competition was held in San Francisco with participants from local communities, Chicago and a single entry from New York. Today, this controversial style of poetry delivery is very popular with modern audiences. Slam shows allow talented poets to deliver a 3-minute rendering of a topic that is judged by audience members.

Slam Poetry performances are done with words and the human body; props, music and special effect lighting is frowned upon during this style of poetry competition. Like the original rap music, Slam Poetry performers deliver their meaningful words in rhythmic forms, using voice highlights, body movements or/and foot taps to enhance their poetry performance. The SCU Poetry Slam on Love Gone Wrong offers a memorable evening.

Since Slam Poetry displays are unlike traditional poetry readings, there are people who do not understand how this type of poetry reading can be compared to the works of our long-time famous poets. However, recent trends show that winners in Slam Poetry shows can go on to win National Endowment of the Arts (NEA) fellowships in Literature. Now, there are four Slam Poetry contest winners that hold the prestigious NEA fellowships.

SCU: Poetry Slam on Love Gone Wrong

On Monday, February 13, 2012, come celebrate Valentine’s Day at the SCU Benson Center. The Slam Poetry performances on topic: ‘Love Gone Wrong’ is expected to start at 9:00 p.m. and run for about 2-hours. For more information about performing in this event or attending this interesting activity, contact: David DeCosse at: (408) 554-5715.

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SCU: President’s Speaker Series for 2012

At Santa Clara University, the Santa Clara School of Engineering is celebrating their centennial university through inviting a well-known group of individuals to speak to students and the public. The SCU President’s Speaker Series for 2012 focuses on the theme of ‘Engineering with a Mission’ and unique modern trends in technologies.

Steve Wozniak: Since 1976, Steve Wozniak and his Apple Computer fantasies have riveted the world to technology progress reports. It is possible to hear a lecture from Steve Wozniak: From Garage to Global Importance – The Rise of the Personal PC, on Thursday, January 26, 2012, at 7:30 p.m., in the SCU Mayer Auditorium. Ticket prices run $25.00 for adults, discounts are available for package deals, some students are free.

James McLurkin: James McLurkin is a fascinating speaker; lectures are always enjoyable for people from all educational backgrounds and age groups. James McLurkin is fascinated with computerized ‘SwarmBot’ robot theories that allow computerized bots to work towards the good of a main principal or goal. Santa Clara residents can hear this interesting lecture on Monday, April 16, 2012, at 7:30 p.m., in the Mayer Auditorium. Ticket prices are set at $25.00 and free student seats are available in limited quantities.

Paul Otellini: Paul Otellini is the current President and CEO of the Intel Corporation, and on the Board of Directors at Google, Inc. Over the years, Paul Otellini has been at the forefront of personal computer technologies and advancements. On Saturday, October 6, 2012, Paul Otellini will be lecturing at the Santa Clara University Mayer Auditorium. Ticket prices are set at $25.00 for this interesting 7:30 p/m/ show. For all SCU President’s Speaker Series 2012 lectures, it is wise to arrange for tickets early.

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Open Auditions for 2012: California’s Great America Shows

California’s Great America amusement park in Santa Clara is a very special location. Paramount Pictures couples a Snoopy theme park with high-quality water-oriented amusement park attractions. This family-oriented fun zone is normally open daily between the end of March and the last days in October each year. This organization is currently hiring singers, dancers and stage-show personnel for the 2012 season.

California’s Great America Open Auditions for 2012:

Costume Characters: Applicants must be over age-16, and stand between 4-foot 11-inches and 5-foot 4-inches, without shoes on, to fit into the costumes. Singing, dance or theatrical experience is desired, but not always necessary. Applicants will be asked to dance to their own music, supplied in CD or DVD formats. It is necessary to pre-register online for this audition before the day of the event.

Dancers: Modern, Hip-Hop and Jazz dancers are invited to audition for California’s Great America positions. It is necessary to register online for this event before the day of auditions. Applicants will be taught a dance sequence during the interview process; wear appropriate clothing and shoes. It is suggested that dancers arrive at 9:00 a.m. on audition days if multiple dancing positions are desired. Age: 16 up.

Children’s Show Hosts:Children’s show applicants should prepare a short, 120 second comedy dialog to recite on audition day. Candidates for these positions should come prepared to sing or dance, if necessary. It is important to pre-register online for the Show Host auditions to be allowed to apply for these ultra-fun seasonal jobs. Age: 16 up.

Singers:Pop and country singers are being cast to appear in an interactive karaoke-style show. Singers should bring up-beat instrumental music on DVD or CD to use while they audition with two peppy songs. Applicants should supply a recent photo and a short, one-page resume on audition day. Online registration is mandatory to be given the chance to audition; online registration is open now. Age: 16 up.

Interview sessions are also being granted to people who are interested in building sets, stage managers, theater supervisors, costumers, dressing assistants, event technicians, theater technicians, theater attendants and more.

For more information visit:

Audition Days:

Saturday, February 2, 2012 – Starting at 9:00 a.m.
Saturday, February 11, 2012 – Starting at 9:00 a.m.
Sunday, February 12, 2012 – Starting at 9:00 a.m.

California’s Great America parent company: Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, are equal opportunity employers. While a minimum age 16 is listed on most theatrical job requirements, upper-age limitations are not noted. All qualified people in the Santa Clara area are invited to apply for these fun-filled employment opportunities.

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Santa Clara Promotional Item Stores Are Popular Places

In Santa Clara, promotional items are a way of life. Local corporations, organizations and stores advertise their products or services through the distribution of imprinted consumer items. The idea of advertising on the outside of consumer products gained favor during the 1970s when our modern technologies created a high-stakes competition for available television and radio commercial slots. Advertisements were placed onto the outside of consumer products in walking billboard formats. Designer products all sport catchy ads.

The Santa Clara Promotional Product Stores:

As consumers use branded merchandise, office products and sports gear, the messages that are printed or embroidered onto products are visible for others to see. In many areas of our modern society, great emphasis is placed upon owning the proper designer names; however, if all names were removed from our products, communities would be left with only good or bad options to buy. When Santa Clara corporations, organizations or clubs choose to place their name onto promotional merchandise, fine goods are represented.

Promotional grocery bags, electronics and desktop gear can be purchased without any types of manufacturer identifying marks on the products. Then, businesses, school clubs and private individuals can choose to have these items printed or embroidered with any type of logo or slogan that suits their overall needs. In most situations, it is less expensive to purchase brand-name products when these items are ordered in ‘plain’ and branded by a sponsoring Santa Clara corporation, organization or consumer-oriented business.

When consumers visit the Santa Clara Convention Center for trade shows and exhibits, they will notice that many of the participants are giving away logo-branded gifts through drawings or as direct handouts. Smaller clubs and individuals can take advantage of the lower prices that are charged for lots of promotional products. Whenever there is a need for multiple identical gifts, the Santa Clara promotional item stores are worth exploring. At times, it is possible to purchase small lots of 6 or 10 items at greatly discounted prices.

In the Santa Clara area, multiple advertising stores are willing to process large orders from corporations and small orders from consumers. Ad items are ordered locally to use for business needs, weddings, online sales, gifts and to outfit large families. The local promotional items stores offer thousands and thousands of items that can be branded, or purchased plain without advertising messages involved. There are professional ad item representative that are willing to travel to your Santa Clara location to discuss products.

Trade show pop-up displays, banners and giveaway items can be ordered and delivered to local addresses for reasonable prices. While most promo stores keep colorful Websites, it is not always necessary to shop online while the advertising dealers are based nearby to our Silicon Valley location. For your next order of trade show giveaways, logo wedding favors or company flight bags, remember that Santa Clara is the place to find the best deals and bargains on promotional items that will be distributed throughout our region.

Local advertising distributors include:

Absolute Media Inc.
33 Victor Ct.
Santa Clara, California 95054
Phone: (408) 970-3280

Applied Graphics Inc.
3250 Mission College Blvd.
Santa Clara, California 95054
Phone: (408) 844-9211

Century Graphics
1700 Space Park Drive
Santa Clara, California 95054
Phone: (408) 213-2149

Santa Clara Signs by Tomorrow
3437 De La Cruz Blvd.
Santa Clara, California 95054
Phone: (408) 988-8102
Notes: On the east side of Highway 101, near the Aldo crossroad.

Blue Dragonfly Marketing
Seven West 41 Ave., at #518
San Mateo, California 95054
Phone: (650) 655-4775
Phone: (800) 467-9528
Notes: Nice selection of products; will travel to your location

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NNL West 2012 Model Car Show in Santa Clara

The NNL West Model Car Show will be at the Santa Clara Convention Center on Saturday, February 11, 2012. Unlike other forms of childhood toys, some model car builders are in training for high-paying jobs and meaningful future careers. Enthusiasts often start their little car hobbies by following the directions that are included in the prefab plastic toy car kits. Later, hobbyists begin to share learned techniques for fabricating missing pieces, producing limited editions and model car archiving.

What to expect at the National NNL West Model Car Event:

Model Car Conventions offer beginners, advanced hobbyists and professional model part builders a chance to share knowledge and information about the exact scale-cars that they have in their collections. Model car kits have been sold on the marketplace for children for decades. Some modelers specialize in collectible wooden model car kits, early forms of bakelite automobiles and the rare boxed car kits that were not sold to large audiences. The theme for the 2012 convention includes all forms of V-12 cars in modeling kits.

The cost for the 2012 Santa Clara Model Car Convention is set at $15.00 for people over age-12; children are welcome to attend this exciting event free, when accompanied by an adult. There will be a hands-on building table for children to explore, industry-oriented displays and mountains of door prizes that will be distributed throughout the day to lucky convention attendees of all ages. Adult model car builders can expect to find meaningful classes or instruction sessions, swap meet options and thrilling building little car displays.

National NNL West Model Car Show gatherings draw automobile fans, skilled model making professionals and collectors from all over the country. There are some local Santa Clara hotels offering modelers special package deals and discounted rates while they are in town for this annual little car event. For more information about vendor space, model car swap meet opportunities, or show day events, contact the NNL West Model Car event promoters at:

NNL West:
NNL West Event Chairman: Andy Kellock:
Model Car NNL West Co-Chairman: Rex Barden:
NNL West Model Show Founder: Roy R. Sorenson:

National NNL West 2012 Model Car Show
Saturday, February 11. 2012
Santa Clara Convention Center
9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Admission over age-12: $15.00

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Santa Clara Free eBooks For All eReaders and Laptop Computers

In Santa Clara, library card holders can download thousands of free eBook titles for their handheld book readers, laptops or Wi-Fi television systems. Safari Technical Books and Heritage Quest online accept the Santa Clara library cards instead of payments when the eBooks are downloaded on loan. Electronic books are available for all ages and tastes.

It is necessary to pre-register for the Santa Clara free eBook services once, in person, at the Santa Clara Public Library. After the quick registration process, the free electronic book loans can be done online from any location that offers Internet access. After the book file is downloaded into your possession, the texts can be enjoyed on eBook readers.

Tens of thousands of book titles are available in free formats: Nolo Press legal guides, easy-readers for children, popular adult fiction and non-fiction authors and a large variety of DIY books that can help with home repairs or craft projects. Participants are limited to the number of books that can be borrowed per library card, and easy due date rules apply.

The Santa Clara Public Library is offering a 90-minute class on how to work with their free electronic book system. Interested individuals can plan to meet at the Central Park Library Technology Center on February 2, 2012, at 10:15 a.m. for this hands-on training session. Pre-register for this class by telephone at: (408) 615-2900 during library hours.

Central Park Library Technology Center
2635 Homestead Road
Santa Clara, California 95051

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